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Recruitment is no longer a matter of finding qualified candidates on resume boards. Organizations are now becoming more and more aware and demanding in terms of the technical as well as cultural fits. Companies are looking for deeper insights into the technical know-how and expertise of a candidate. What their interests are outside the work as well as related to it. These insights help them understand and predict an employee’s long-term behavior and how they would progress in their career. Organizations, in the current times, realize that employees are most productive when they are able to do what they love and if they feel that work is more fun than stress. This is evident from various employee reviews and their reasons for rating one employer as better than the other. Its not just about the compensation anymore but about the ability to excel in what one wants to and likes to do.

Additionally, candidates are no longer relying on only job boards to hunt for jobs. Professional networking sites are the new mantra as it eliminates the constant calls they get from recruiters as well as the embarrassment of your present employer discovering that you are on the hunt for a new job. Think about how you would react if you realized one of your team members is actively job hunting. It places the candidates in an awkward situation and can sometimes cause adverse effects on their current employment and growth. With a manifold increase in the number of agencies and recruiters working on any given job at a time, candidates end up being harassed during office hours by a whole lot of recruiters continuously reaching out to them with one job or another.

This shift in perspective places a big responsibility on the shoulders of the staffing firms to extensively scrutinize the prospective candidates and go into greater depths to explore their capabilities in interests. This trend is evident in the rise of the use of social media and websites for Social Recruitment, the popular websites like LinkedIn, Quora, Github, etc by recruiters to find candidates.

Our team of recruiters and sourcers are specially trained to source candidates from networking sites and to gauge their level of expertise in skills from what they post or follow and show interest in. Our recruiters access the online presence of the candidates to find out more information pertaining to their interests and what kind of a job they are interested in. Also, the use of networking sites gives our recruiters access to the candidates’ networks and further many more candidates that share the same interests and skills. Unlike resume boards where every profile is isolated and a recruiter needs to sift through a whole bunch of resumes to be able to find the perfect match, this method of recruitment gives them access to a whole group of viable candidates in a single go. Our recruiters are also trained to mine this data and find methods to contact these candidates in ways that do not make them feel harassed or exploited. This, in turn, gives the candidates greater confidence and confidentiality when discussing a prospective job opportunity and they are able to pursue it without much hassle.

We at ANS place most importance in ensuring that the candidates feel good about working with our clients and comfortable with the approach. We invite you to try it out for yourself. Connect with us and see the wondrous results of this new age of recruitment!


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