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International Recruitment Support: Canada

“You cannot do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow”.
~ Nelson Jackson


ANS Affiliate Solutions is an offshore recruitment consultancy offering International Recruitment Support to companies in Canada. Our foundation lies in evaluating local resources within Canada and from India and facilitating their appropriate placement as per industry demands enhancing growth prospects on both ends- Candidates and subsequently the organization itself.


Our strategic manpower solutions is based on the simple idea of advancing wholesome growth, placing candidates in suitable job roles enhancing their job satisfaction that subsequently contributes to your organization’s growth. At ANS Affiliate Solution, we evaluate, analyze, and channelize existing resources as per our partner’s expectations providing them with effective manpower. As a leading offshore recruitment consultancy, we observe no generalities, our supply chain process is highly customizable as per market requirement and its demand, supply graph. Once you are one of our affiliates, you are a part of our three-tier recruitment support:




Our induction session covers everything from brainstorming with understanding recruitment requirements, evaluating resources and placing appropriate candidates to suitable job profiles. Understanding operational requirements of our affiliates, we have a specialized team of support staff putting meticulous attention to every detail. Full Lifecycle Recruitment support involves:


  • Analyzing demand of Human resources as per operation requirements
  • Reviewing job descriptions understanding expectations from employees’ and employeers’ end.
  •  Screen candidates to ascertain their competence against a job description.
  • Scheduling candidates for interview requests from Hiring Managers
  • Briefing and debriefing of candidates in relation to the interviews


Pioneering Globalization in the spectrum of International Recruitment  


We strongly believe, “A truly global company is one that uses intellect and resources of every corner of the world. India is a developed country as far as intellect capital and Human Resource is concerned.” Connecting hub of trained professionals with opportunities world wide, our idea is to unleash Globalization of manpower recruitment.

Our job does not end with just recruitment assistance but starts with the same. Constantly studying market trends, we let our clients focus on core their core business while assisting them with an expert recommendation to assemble workforce. With the strategic alliance, strong connections and a team of specialized professionals, ANS Affiliates solutions understand the pivotal role of manpower in enhancing organization competencies. 


Thus, every process, be it our Recruitment support strategies, candidate induction, everything is based on extensive market research embracing flexibility towards changing industry standards and norms. We regularly assess latest trends in the market and incorporate them into our processes so as to let our partners have a constant edge over their competition. This helps them further save big bucks and invest resources in business expansion as the cost of updates and training spent on Human resources is completely eliminated.

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