As much as 80 percent companies all around the world are engaging third party recruiting
agencies to hire employees for highly skilled jobs. These staffing companies purely focus on the
recruitment process from placing job openings and conducting virtual and physical interviews to
finding an ideal candidate for the role.
Staffing companies mostly depend on their in-house recruiters for a majority of the work.
However, they do work with virtual recruiters for hiring candidates for highly specialized jobs,
which their in-house recruiters aren’t equipped for.
Hiring a virtual recruiter opens your company to new candidates with fresh talent. Here are five
reasons by staffing agencies should hire a virtual recruiter:

1. Saves cost

For a staffing agency, it adds a lot of cost to hire one full-time recruiter for a particular
specialization. And a full-time employee needs to be given monthly salary and other benefits. In
case of a virtual recruiter, you save a lot of money since they work as freelancers and earn
money on profit-basis. Rather than giving a month’s salary, you only give a fraction of it, saving
a huge amount of money in the long run.

2. Reducing work for the staffing agency

A virtual recruiter undertakes the process of finding candidates, interviewing them, and picking
the best. This part of the recruitment process is the most tedious and time consuming as you
spend a lot of time going through several applications. The virtual recruiter takes from you all
the trouble of going through the various social media channels, job portals, and other sources to
find candidates. The staffing agency hence only has to interview the deserving candidates.

3. Less paperwork

Since virtual recruiters work from remote locations, everything is online. In a staffing agency,
you usually call the candidate to office, you review the application, and ask the candidate to take
a test. This process includes a lot of paperwork considering the long list of candidates you
interview. A virtual recruiter, on the other hand, does everything virtually, saving all the
paperwork. In fact, this also saves you from physically storing the applications as everything is
in soft copy and saved in the computer.
4. Know-how of the process

Most of the virtual recruiters are ex-staffing agency employees and they know how the
recruitment process works. They have years of experience, which your staffing company can
take advantage of. Also, along with their experience virtual recruiters are constantly developing
their own techniques and standards to refine candidates and select the ones who truly suit the

5. Increases quality of candidates

A virtual recruiter brings in a variety of candidates and fresh talent. He might be digging through
a lot of places to search for candidates as compared to you. The candidates are extremely
efficient because these recruiter focus solely on recruitment unlike the in-house recruiters who
take care of multiple job openings. It also reduces administrative burden of creating a pool of
candidates as the virtual recruiter does that for you free of cost.
Hiring a virtual recruiter is an ideal choice if you want to expand your staffing agencies and
deliver services to a variety of professions and companies.

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