Recruitment market -With commendable GDP growth pegging at 5.5% against 4.7% in the foregone financial year, the economic analysis made in the first quarter of the ongoing financial year, businesses across verticals are expected to register phenomenal growth. Apart from that, India holds the privilege of demographic dividend, which along with the astonishing hiring intensity, would unfailingly give start to a new era of life cycle recruitment process.

Recruitment market

Here are the 3 key trends that are expected to dominate the recruitment market:

  • Social Media Hiring: With more than 243.2 million strong internet users’ community worldwide, and around 106 million round-the-clock active social media surfers among the entire populace of over 1200 million, the social media phenomenon is going to make its mark in the recruitment process outsourcing industry. In the international recruitment support market, around 90% recruitment market agents consider social media as one of most effective tools that serves their purpose. In the times ahead, this percentage mark is expected to grow more.
  • Recruitment on Mobile Phones: With mobile becoming the primary source to access the internet, people spend a huge amount of time on their cell phones. It makes a perfect sense for the recruitment process outsourcing firms to tap talents from there.  As per a recently released LinkedIn report, an increase of 90% has been registered globally in the number of mobile users who prefer to search job opportunities through cell phones, and a 75% increase in those who use this medium to apply for jobs.
  • Analytics: The businesses now look for HR firms that can play the role of strategic partners also. As the graph of growth simply ignites the hiring engine of the company, talent acquisition personnel are expected to possess the storehouse of data. By making use of the analytics, recruitment professionals would find themselves ready to make a move right from intuition-based decision-making to the data-driven decision-making.

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