Over 47% of small businesses cannot find qualified candidates for open job positions. And even if they do find the right candidate, it takes 52 days on average to fill up an open position. Offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firms help decrease all these hiring problems by managing everything at their end. Offshore RPOs provide recruitment services to both businesses and staffing agencies with the help of their experienced virtual recruiters, who work remotely.

RPOs can handle part of the recruitment cycle, or its entirety, depending on the client requirements. Most importantly, they help companies focus on their work, while they make sure to put only the best talent forward.

If you are still unsure about hiring a offshore recruitment process outsourcing firm for your company, then to convince you.

offshore recruitment process outsourcing

Benefits of Offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing:

1.    Reduced costs

One of the biggest benefits of hiring an RPO is the reduction in costs. For small or new companies, getting the best talent is incredibly important. But to get the right talent, they need a well-planned out recruitment process and an experienced HR department.

But hiring and setting up an HR department means extra costs, which might be difficult for a company that is trying to keep the focus on its main services.

An RPO firm works at a reduced costs and still manages to find high-quality talent.

2.    Easy to scale model

The hiring demands of a company can change from time to time, and set up an HR department just for that one month when the hiring requirements might increase only means excessive funds down the drain.

On the other hand, an RPO firm can help companies and staffing agencies in scaling their recruiting capacity to meet growth.

3.    Reduced time of hiring

Most offshore RPO firms are experienced in all recruitment processes and they have talented virtual recruiters working with them, who already know the right way to find quality applicants for your company’s vacant positions.

Since this is what they do every day, their expertise reduces the hiring time and still manages to produce great results.

4.    Increased Candidate quality

Virtual recruiters working in offshore RPO firms know that the ideal candidate is more than just a combination of education and previous work experience. That is why they go out of their way to make sure the candidates they select are of high quality and perfectly fit the job description.

5.    Easy to track analytics and report

Since the RPO firms track each and every stage of the recruitment process, they are able to provide real-time analytics and reports to hiring companies, making the decision process more prompt and quicker.

6.    More engagement from management

With the offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing Firms working consistently to find the right candidates and handling all the low-level decisions, the management can finally focus on the more important things for their business.

This helps management to only make high-level decisions, which in turn saves their time and increases their overall engagement rate in the recruitment process.

7.    Handle the extra load

There are many staffing agencies and companies who already have an HR team setup, but sometimes the work load increases to an amount where you are left wondering – Should you bring someone full-time just to handle extra work load for a few months?

While bringing someone full-time only increases company’s overhead for longer than needed, hiring an offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing Firms means you can easily scale up or down according to requirements.

8.    Reduction of direct advertising

Advertising becomes an important factor when you are trying to rope in the best talent, which means increased costs. But when you hire an offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing Firms, they are the ones who take care of advertising and they make sure they are reaching out to the right portals for the best talent pool.

9.    Different time zones mean more time

Offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing Firms usually work from other countries like India, Philippines and China, and that means a time difference. While many people assume that different time zones mean inconvenience, it is actually untrue.

A time zone difference actually means that the offshore RPO will be working to find your company the best candidates, even when your office hours are over, thus maximizing your company’s productivity.

These were just some of the many benefits of offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing Firms. Whether you have a company or a staffing agency, an RPO can effectively handle the extra work load at minimal costs.

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