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The Benefits of Offshore RPO Services

The two main factors – high quality and low costs – that are provided by the offshore RPO service providers make them very popular amongst foreign businesses that are actively involved in the recruitment business today. It is not an unknown fact that most of the foreign-based businesses have been looking towards India off late for the offshore RPO services that are provided here at reasonable rates and at the same quality and time span that it would it take back home. Initially, when it all got started, most offshore based business owners looked only at the cost it took to transfer HR functions in part.

However, later on the trend started gravitating towards other bigger and better benefits of using these offshore services, which involved them taking on the burden of operational recruitment activities along with finding the right candidates for all levels. This gives the clients the biggest advantage of having the time to focus on value building strategic activities within the company instead of only focusing on a core function that could instead be outsourced efficiently and effectively, both in terms of quality as well as cost.

Some of the cross-functionality services that are offered by these offshore RPO service providers include: In any in-house HR department of any company, there are many roles and responsibilities and functions that need to be handled at different project cycles for the sustained level of growth of the company and the continuity of the business. Many a time, the HR department may not be fully equipped to handle certain crucial or sudden staffing needs as it may have to focus on handling other more pressing support tasks, and this is why hiring the services of offshore RPO service providers is probably the most sensible way to handle certain functions of the department. Any knowledgeable and experienced service provider will normally come replete with the necessary infrastructure, work-force and expertise that are capable of handling various HR functions for their clients. These would include the designing and managing of a customized job board for profiling, easier CV database hunting, posting and monitoring various vacancies, researching timely head hunting solutions as well as conducting video conferencing interviews and online tests.

All of these combine together to help the RPO service vendor provide the client with a candidate's suitability profile that is based on many aspects of an HR quality test, which include corporate intelligence levels as well as giving info on ref checks, only if the client has narrowed the candidate down to the final round.

How Clients benefit from availing the services of offshore RPO service providers: By outsourcing these HR related functions to offshore RPO service providers, employers as well as in-house HR department staff will have more time to dedicate to the other core competencies and the immediate needs of the employees, such as payroll, role enhancement, interaction between candidates and hiring managers, job satisfaction, etc.

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